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When it comes to discussing solutions - in regard to the never ending list of humanitarian issues facing the world today – it is very difficult not to succumb to the mindset that we cannot make a difference no matter what we do.


I doubt there is anyone alive who would not be overjoyed to dwell in a world where hunger, poverty, physical and mental disabilities (to name just a few) did not exist. We are all keenly aware of the vast numbers of individuals less fortunate than ourselves and that knowledge facilitates our becoming overwhelmed. It has the “power” to bring about feelings of impotency – BUT – I truly believe it should do just the opposite. Rather than giving into those feelings by doing nothing; they should empower each of us. As the Heavenly Brickks entry page (symbolically) depicts “a drop in the bucket” can and does make a difference in the quality of someone’s life.


The fact that we do not personally know the individuals we are helping, when we decide to support a worthy charity, should not matter one bit. Trust me when I tell you, they do thank God for us, without ever knowing who we are. The important aspect to those in need is someone does care, which affords so many the glimmer of hope that they are being assisted in their day to day struggle to survive.


Imagine how blessed the less fortunate among us must feel, when partaking of their first real meal in months or having a roof over their heads not constructed of cardboard. Clean running water? Only a dream for many, but taken for granted (all too often) by those of us fortunate enough to have a seemingly endless supply. Imagine a runaway, living in doorways of buildings lining some of our very frightening city streets. It would be next to impossible for them to find safe haven, were it not for the assistance of someone who cared enough to help the organizations dedicated to relieving their plight - if even in the smallest of ways.


The message I am endeavoring to stress is the fact that every little bit can and does help. Contributions do not have to be financial in nature either. Donating your time to a worthy charity of your choosing is always greatly appreciated by the recipient.


To be very clear, Heavenly Brickks is not in the “business” of soliciting donations (of any kind); not for ourselves or any of the charities we have chosen to support. Basically, my goal is to help you realize that no matter how small a financial donation you make, or how much time you might be willing to offer, each and every “drop” you place in the bucket will mean the world to someone.


When we break down the overwhelming total picture into manageable portions, the mindset becomes: “I can actually make a difference in someone’s life”, rather than “What’s the use, there are so many in need that no matter what I do, it will not help”.


You might like to investigate the organizations I have chosen to support and will find them listed in the Heavenly Brickks charities archive, located directly beneath our slide show. If you feel so inclined, I urge you to contact them directly by clicking on the green and gold buttons provided. Alternatively, you might prefer to actively seek out those charities near and dear to your own heart, which I strongly encourage everyone to do.


In closing, I would like to add one final thought:


Whatever way you find to help those less fortunate, I wish for you the same feeling of warmth that flows through me each and every time I realize I have made a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small.


I hope you will consider doing your little part. Rest assured there will be someone “out there” thanking God for that caring friend they will never meet.




Contact Person is:

Lyn Romano

Convenor of Heavenly Brickks

Email:    rosebush@bestweb.ne alternatively please send a fax to +1 775 854 1260 at first instance.