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Our Development


The Development (Evolution) of Heavenly Brickks


If you have read the history of Heavenly Brickks, you will understand that the Development section of this website continues where the history left off. Basically, I will detail for you how my initial discussions with Barbara, regarding a “brickk”, evolved into the charitable foundation it is today.


Through the years it became apparent there would be no Heavenly Brickk with our names on it. Therefore, I began to think about other ways I could use that long sought after brickk – ways that were far more beneficial and uplifting.


I vividly remember sitting on my deck with my eyes closed after a harrowing day. I was determined to clear my mind of aviation safety issues because I desperately needed an escape. The wind chimes tinkling, the birds chirping and the sound of water running over the rocks in my fountain played their part in providing me what I needed most at that moment. Quiet thoughts.


Out of nowhere (or so it seemed) I began visualizing our Heavenly Brickk. Something was different though. Instead of one brickk appearing in my mind’s eye there were many. I certainly could not waste any of them so I began to pave a path (imagination can, sometimes, be a wonderful thing). As I continued, I noticed the path was leading up, which stands to reason when one paves with Heavenly Brickks.


I could not seem to let go of that “vision” and as I continued to focus on it from time to time over the following months, it expanded and evolved in ways that are very difficult to explain in words.


The path I had been laying in my imagination was given a “voice” (bear with me, I did mention this would be difficult to explain) and that “voice” was asking me to become “Dedicated to Paving a Way Forward for Those Less Fortunate”. Although it took time for me to make sense out of all of this, it became a compelling need I simply had to fulfill.


With IASA (International Aviation Safety Association – www.iasa-intl.com) still very much operational at the time, I could not realistically establish a second non-profit organization. Feeling extremely compelled to do more on the humanitarian front (where I was obviously being led) Heavenly Brickks earned a section of it’s own on the IASA website. It did not matter that it was an unofficial organization at the time, all that mattered was I could follow where my “inner voice” was leading me.


After years of agonizing, I came to the realistic (and highly emotional) decision to close IASA’s doors on 4 March 2007 - details of which are explained in the President’s Statement, viewable by clicking the red button located directly beneath the slideshow.


Once that heart wrenching decision was reached, I was able to take the necessary legal steps to establish Heavenly Brickks; thus enabling me to continue the “journey” that I literally feel was laid out for me on 2 September 1998.


So there you have it, as “in a nutshell” as I could possibly make it. No doubt some might find the evolution of Heavenly Brickks a bit “out there”, but every detail is precisely how this charitable foundation was conceived.


Our Logo


I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to briefly explain the symbolism contained within our logo (which my son Randy brought to life by following guidelines I set out for him).


The angel wings surrounding the heart are meant to signify “quiet care”.  The most important part of my foundation is the assistance we can lend to those in need – not the cocktail parties thanking donors, not the plaques with contributor’s names emblazoned on them. A simple, quiet “Thank you” will always be appreciated, but even that is never a requirement.


The three gold brickks, in the center of the heart, signifies the fact that the crash of Swissair Flight 111 follows me wherever I go and plays a huge part in whatever I do. IASA was established shortly after my husband, Ray, was killed in the crash and Heavenly Brickks was established to continue honoring him by the good works we hope to accomplish in his name.


The color Red signifies Passion – The color White signifies Purity. I learned on 2 September 1998 that I must find ways to turn the Black into the White. I was blessed with the vision that led me to establish the International Aviation Safety Association, thus enabling me to turn that black into white. I consider myself just as blessed having been guided to establish Heavenly Brickks.


God willing, we will be able to make even a small difference in a few lives, because we truly are: “Dedicated to Paving a Way Forward for Those Less Fortunate”




Contact Person is:

Lyn Romano

Convenor of Heavenly Brickks

Email:    rosebush@bestweb.ne alternatively please send a fax to +1 775 854 1260 at first instance.